Friday, 25 November 2011

Festive Nails

As Christmas is on its way and all the trees are going up, and the lights have been turned on, I suddenly got really festive! I decided to make my nails look all Christmasy and glittery and sparkly. 

Moi's easy stps to achieve these festive nails;
♥ Varnish one layer of the undercoat colour of your choose. Please note, the colour you chose does matter   as it will be seen threw the glitter coat. If needed, do this step again if you want the colour to be darker.
♥ Once you are satisfied with your colour and how it looks, varnish your top coat. In this case, I used ''Barry M, Red Glitter'', but you can choose whatever colour you like. Recoat as many times as you like because the more coats, the more glitter!
♥ It is not needed, but if you feel safer putting on a protective layer on top, you can. I did not and it looks fine! And there you have it, your festive and glittery nails!

The nail-varnishes I used were; 
 Nail Pain by Barry M, Red Glitter, No. 150.
 Splash and Polish by Missguided, Misscheivous.

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