Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nail Varnish Collected - Barry M

I have decided to a do a blog post on my 'Barry M' nail varnish collection. I have wanted to do this for quite a while, because I thought it would be nice to share collection with you and tell you what I think! I hope you enjoy it, and if you are interested, check out my Vlog video! The link is at the bottom of the post!

I heard a lot of people talking to me about the cracking nail effect lately, and when I saw an advert for the Barry M version, I decided the next time I saw a Barry M stand; I would give it a go. However, when I tried it, it did not turn out like I expected. This could be because I applied it before I saw there were instructions, so the next time I do try it, I am going to read them! It cost me 3.99 at the beginning of January, and a silver glittery nail varnish came free with it. 

When I bought my crocodile effect nail varnish, this little pot of glittery loveliness came with it! As you can see from the lid, it was limited edition, and I am not sure if they are still giving them away. If you like the look of it, take a look at the Barry M stand in boots the next time your in town. It is just like the red glittery nailvarnish, when you want the glitter to be very visible; you need to add more than one coat. 

This is one of my more festive colours. The last time I used this was on Christmas day, because I thought the red and glitter really went well with the Christmas spirit. I love this nail varnish; however, I find if you want to have quite a visible layer of glitter, you need to apply more than one coat. I bought this last summer, for £2.99. I usually do not buy glittery nail varnishes, but for some reason I thought the red was very beautiful.

This was another limited edition nail varnish. I went through a phase when I wore it quite a lot.  It cost me the same as all my other nail varnishes, £2.99, an the quality is no different to Barry M’s normal nail varnishes. I am pretty sure they do not sell it any more, because it was such a long time ago, however they may have made it a non-limited edition nail varnish, so I advice to go and check out their stole if you are interested!

This is by far my lightest and happiest colour! I bought this last summer, which was also the time I wore it the most. I have not worn it since because I have not felt it was light or summery enough to wear it. It cost me £2.99, and the quality is much like the other Barry M nail varnishes, and like most, it gets steadily gloopier as time goes by. I am happy I bought it however, because summer is on its way and I can start wearing it again. 

This is my favourite of them all, and also one of my newest. I bought this when I bought my dark blue, which was after Christmas. It is very spring like, and because spring is on its way, I have been wearing this quite a lot. I was looking for a pinky peach for a long time, and when I saw this I knew it was meant to be! It cost me £2.99. 

The name really does put me off, because I am not the biggest fan of mushrooms, but I do like the colour. I thought this looked very smart and appropriate for smart occasions, so I decided to by it, which cost me £2.99, like all the others. You need to apply it two times for it too look like the colour in the bottle. 

This was my very first Barry M nail varnish, and also the colour that made me fall in love with their make. It is a very minty and pastel colour, which is really refreshing. I have not worn it in a while, but I think I might start wearing it again because I forgot how much I liked it. However, the down side is because it is my oldest, it is also the most gloopy of them all. This happens to all nail varnishes eventually, but it is a shame. 

This is my lighter blue colour. I really like this because it looks very pastel and I am in love with pastel colours at the moment. The last time I wore it however, was last summer, because it is so light and summery. I usually wear darker colours in the winter, and because it is winter, I am wearing quite dark colours. It cost me £2.99, just like the others. 

CORAL - 296
This is by far my most brightest colour of my whole collection. It is so bright and neon, and extremely eye catching. I hardly ever wear it, mainly because it hardly goes with anything and clashes with a lot of outfits. The last time a I wore it was in the summer, because I felt very bright and this went very well with the mood I had. It cost me £2.99, and to get the colour in the bottle, you need to apply two coats, like the rest of the nail varnishes!

INDIGO - 312
This is my newest nail varnish, along with my peachy pink. The reason I picked it up was because my blue and purple nail varnish had finished, and this was a mix of the two. I once had a similar colour that went missing, and because it was dark I thought it would look quite nice with a lot of things. I cost me £2.99 just like the rest of the Barry M nail varnishes. I have only worn it once, and to get the exact colour in the bottle, you need to apply two coats. 

Here is my video on this collection, take a look and see what you think!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Outfit Of The Day - 90's Grunge

When I was looking for clothes to wear today, I found my jean crop jacket that I had not worn in a very long time. I decided to wear it with my high neckless white top, which I thought started to look a little grunge. I never wear jean on jean, but I thought maybe because the trousers were jeggings and wear a very different colour, I would give it a go. Also, the Timberlands are very 90's and are my favourite shoes at the moment, which was great. I could not decide what neckless to wear, so I decided to wear three of my gold necklesses, and as I am sure you all know, I love gold right now. I thought the orange and blue were quite appropriate because I saw that the leaves at started to grow new leaves which means spring is on its way! Have a nice day everyone, and please do not forget to hype this look, just click button bellow!

☂ Jean Jacket - Gift
 Top - New Look
☂ Jeggings - New Look
☂ Shoes - Timberlands
☂ Earrings - Topshop 
☂ Feather Neckless - Accessorize
☂ Skull Neckless - Topshop
☂ Chain Neckless - Accessorize

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Winter Wonderland

☂ Finally over the last two weeks it has decided to snow! Of course I am going to take advantage of it and I went ice skating twice with a bunch of friends. One of the times we saw this adorable dog that just came running at us and slipped on the ice, poor thing! Even though I do enjoy the snow, it has come to point where the snow has melted and gone all slushy and brown, which is when I start to hope it will warm up and become summer. It is getting a lot warmer now, and some of the trees are starting to blossom, which means spring is on its way. I am going to miss winter though, even though it is cold and dark, in winter you can enjoy a good old hot chocolate with cream, and not feel guilty! I hope everyone is enjoying what is left of the snow!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Outfit Of The Day - Valentine's Day

I chose a nice baggy jumper because I think valentine's day should be a relaxed day to spend with the people you love. The shorts are quite plain, but I put stocking styled tights with it to be a little adventurous. The red socks go with the red in the jumper, and the brown boots are very neutral, yet glamorous. The neckless I thought had some beautiful colours, so I just put it on! I am sorry about the bad quality. The photos are clips from my "Outfit Of The Day - Valentine's Day Edition" on my YouTube channel. My could camera broke so I could not take any nice ones! I am getting it fixed right now though! I hope you all have a lovely valentine's day, and all the best! Link below to the video!

☂ Jumper - River Island
☂ Shorts - New Look Generation
☂ Tights - River Island
☂ Socks - Topshop
☂ Shoes - River Island
☂ Neckless - Accessorize

Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentines Day - Make Up

I have decided to do a tutorial on what I would wear on valentines day. The whole tutorial on on my YouTube Channel "monicaaliceeShow", so have a look at that! Here are some pictures of the outcome, and some brief steps on how I got the look! 

 Step 1 - Foundation:
I first put a layer of foundation on, making sure it was not too thick, otherwise it would not be very natural. I used a foundation brush to do this. The foundation I used was "Studio Sculp" by MAC, which works very well for me.

Step 2 - Concealing: 
Once you are happy with you foundation, get some thick concealer for you under eye circles. I used the darkest cream from the "Realness of Concealness" kit by Benefit. I gently dabbed it around my eyes and used the foundation brush to blend it in afterwards. 

Step 3 - Eye Brows:
Next it is the eye brows. If you are not happy with your eye brows and want them to be a little darker and more defined, take the "Smokey Eye" pallet by Benefit. If you do not have this, any other eyebrow filler that you are happy with will also do! If you do however, use the darkest shadow, with the brow brush that is given to blend it it. I usually take an old mascara brush to tidy up the eyebrow when I am finished.

Step 4 - Brow Bone:
Again, using the "Smokey Eye" palette by Benefit, take the light pink cream and dab over your brow bone. This will bring out you bone, and make your face look more defined. If you do not have the palette, any other brow bone cream will do!

Step 5 - Eye Shadow:
After that, you need to take a very nude light eye shadow, and make sure it is quite thick. Using a eye shadow brush to spread over your eye lid.

Step 6 - Glitter Pencil:
Take the Topshop eye pencil, and gently go over the eye shadow. Put as much on as you want, because it is your choice how much glitter you want on your eyes. Use the eye shadow brush again to blend it all in. 

Step 7 - Mascara:
For this step I use two different mascaras. The first one is "Bad Gal Lash" by Benefit, which is the first one I apply. Make sure it is quite thick, but do not worry if your eyelashes get clumpy. Then I take my second mascara "False Lash Effect" by Max Factor. I quickly go over my first layer while my lashes are still wet, so I can remove all the clumps. I do exactly the same with my lower lashes.

Step 8 - Bronzer:
Using a powder brush, I take my bronzer, and again any bronzer is fine, and define my face. Make sure you apply the bronzer under you cheek bone, so it makes you face look more defined.

Step 9 - Blush:
After you are happy with your bronze, take you pinkest blush you have. I am using "Pinch O' Peach" by MAC. Lightly apply the blush, using a blush brush, making sure not to put on too much, you do not want to look like a barbie! 

Step 10 - Lipstick:
Once everything else is finished, it is time for your lipstick. Again, take a pink colour. I am using "Please Me" by MAC, which is a light shade of pink. Put it on straight from the stick, but make sure you do not go outside your lip line. If you are not happy with the shape, take a lip shaping brush and tidy it up. 

Step 11 - Lip Gloss: 
If you want your lips to look more shinny, take a pink lipgloss. Make sure the quality is quite thick, otherwise it will wash of the lipstick. I am using a Clinique lip gloss, which I got when I bought an issue of Glamour. Try not to put not much on, just enough to give your lips a nice shinny look! 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My Favourite Lipsticks

Here is a little blog post on my favourite lipsticks! I am starting with my two MAC lipsticks, then my Belavance, and last but definitely not least, my Topshop. I have filmed a video of this review on my YouTube channel "monicaaliceeShow''. The link to my channel is on the side bar, on the right, so take a look and see what you think! Subscribe and follow if you enjoy reading and watching!

I had wanted this lipstick for a very long time, and was lucky enough to get it for Christmas from my mum! We were at the airport on the way to the U.K, and we bumped into the MAC stand. We had a little look round and I found this colour. My mum found one she liked, so we got each other it for Christmas! I love MAC and think the quality is really good. However, I do not wear MAC when my lips are dry and chipped because it makes my lips look even more unhealthy. This usually happens when I am poorly or in the winter, but apart from that I think it is a very good lipstick. I am not to sure how much it was because it was a present, but I think it was around €15/£13. 

I got this lipstick from a friend of mine, and I am very happy she got it for me. Like my other MAC, it is very good quality and recommend it to everyone, except when you have dry lips! I use it as my everyday lipstick, because it is rather plain and nude, and I do not like to wear very bright lipstick to school. It taste and smells really nice, and so does my other MAC, which is always a good thing! It was a present so I have no clue how much it was, but again I think it is around €15/£13. 

This is my oldest lipstick, but one of my favourites. Every girl needs her red lipstick, and this is mine. It was VERY red and can be hard to apply without it going wrong, so I use a small lipstick brush to apply it. If I do not, it will smudge and go everywhere! I have forgotten how much it was because it was such a long time ago. I wear this when I go out, because it is a very bright colour. It is quite good quality, my if you drink a lot is smudges, so it is a good idea to lightly apply a lipstick protector on top to keep it nice.

This is my dark pink colour, and I am so happy with it! The quality is not as good as some lipstick, as it smudges off after a while, but for a few hours it is fine. It is not that big of a problem because you can just reapply it later on. I wear this when I go out because it very bright. I really love this colour because it is so happy! I have seen similar colours from different makes, but of them really look like this, because it quite neon. Again, I use a lipstick brush to apply it because it is dark and then I will not smudge it everywhere! It cost me £9, in the 2011 summer. 

This used to be my everyday lipstick, until I saw that Topshop had stop selling it! I only use it when I think it will really look good with the outfit, because I am scared that it will run out soon! Again, the quality means you need to apply it every few hours, but I really do not mind because the colour is beautiful. It is a very nude colour, which has a tint of orange which makes it look like a tan. It is my favourite of them all and hope it never finishes! It cost me £9 in the 2011 summer. Both my Topshop lipsticks smell and taste really nice! I think it smells a little like lavender, but I am not too sure, all I know is that it is nice!