Saturday, 25 August 2012

Nars Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer • Review

£21 - Nars Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer

Having trouble with my foundation, finding the Nars Sheer Matte Foundation that I recently did a review, (click here if you are interested) was a life saver. The same day I got the foundation, I picked up the Nars Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer. The reason I came across it was because the lady at the Nars counter heard that my recent foundation made my face quite oily, so she suggested using this. 

The Nars Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer works by slowly circling a moderate amount all over your face before you put on your foundation. It works as a primer but also to shrink the pores. This means less dirt enters your pores and therefore (hopefully) less pimples and outbreaks. As there is no oil, it reduces the amount of oil that is produced on your face over the day, because many product have unneeded extra oil that we don't want! This is great for me because the last foundation I used made my face feel very oily. I've found out that it's better to put it on and wait five minutes so the cream can dry and has worked it's magic! This means it does not interfere with the foundation aplication as well. 

After using this product for a few weeks now, I do notice a difference. I also have a new foundation, so that could also have something to do with it. My face does feel a lot less oily when it has foundation on, and a lot less irritating. I don't feel the need to constantly see if I look okay and don't feel like I look moist. I do think it's a good product and glad I was recommended it! I hope this post was helpful to those in the same situation and need a product like this! Lots of love xoxo

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nars Sheer Matte Foundation • Review

 Nars Sheer Matte Foundation - £40

I for one have a little difficulty finding the right foundation for my face, because of many factors. If it makes my skin feel oily I both feel and notice that my skin looks slightly moist which of course something nobody wants. Also, if I don't get the right colour I end getting the classic oompa loompa face because I get a shade too dark. This is why I am very happy that I purchased the Nars Sheer Matte Foundation!

A couple of weeks ago my mum and I went to Selfridges in London for a girly evening. We weren't there for anything in particular, but just to look around and see what they had. Once we got into the make up section I instantly went to the Nars stand because I had heard a lot about their foundation and really wanted one that worked for me. The lady at the stand matched me up with the Nars Sheer Matte Foundation. As she put it on I noticed that it felt very light on the skin almost like I didn't have any on at all. She taught me that the great thing about the Nars foundation is that you can layer it with out it feeling or looking thick. For blemishes or more red areas you can layer a little more if needed. After she had finished I really did feel a vast improvement from my last foundation and that the layering and colour looked very natural and light. My bought it for me with some other products for her self so we were very happy with that evening. 

After using the Nars Sheer Matte Foundation for a good amount of time now, I do see a difference from my other foundation. The last foundation I used was the Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation by Mac. This foundation is good, however I did notice after a while that it did have that irritating oily sensation and look about it so I definitely was interested in finding a new one. Another thing was that I could feel it whenever I touched my face and that it came off if I did so. This new foundation however really doesn't feel like it is there so it does irritate me at all. I recommend you go out and see if you like this product but be sure to try it at a parlor before buying it because it is a little pricey if it is not what you are looking for! Lots of love xoxo

Do you have trouble finding the right foundation?

Monday, 20 August 2012

Week In Photos No. 3

Instagram Name: monicaalicee
Camping with my friends   Getting my cartilage pierced, ouch!  The result! ♥ Packing to go to England ♥ My London 2012 Olympic socks ♥ A London 2012 Olympic Mascot and St. Paul's Cathedral ♥ Me on the Millennium bridge ♥ My boy friend and I by the River Thames ♥ At the Woman's Road Race on Box Hill for the London 2012 Olympics  My little sister and I in front of a Olympic car and the Cycling Time Trial for the London Olympics ♥ My little sister and I ♥ Me working on my art course! ♥ Elisabetta and I, a friend I met on my art course  An amazing bag I saw that I totally agree with! ♥ Me in London! ♥ A very happy looking me before a family meal out! ♥ Some crisp I thought looked a little naughty! ♥ My cat posing on my head! ♥ Lucky Charms, the yummiest cereal ever! ♥ The Lucky charms ready to eat! 

Hello all! This is more of a "Holiday in Photos" blog. As usual I've got together my Instagram photos and put them into a little collage like so! Enjoy and hope you are all having a fantastic holiday! Lots of love xoxo

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Art Course • Day 5

 Hey all! So this post is the final one for my art blog series. It was on five days, Monday to Friday, however I learnt a lot and hope to do it again. The last day was a very relaxed but at the same time quite stressful. We stayed in our room for the whole day and worked on our portfolio, which was was the relaxing part. The not so relaxing part was that we all tried to finish but just couldn't. In my case, I finished a lot and put things together that I though were good, but need just a few more days or even weeks to make it prefect and the way I wanted it. After I knew I was going to carry it on after the course had finished, I calmed down a little and worked at my speed having fun. Elisabetta and I listened to music while we were working to give us some inspiration. At one point I wanted to use water paint, so I grabbed two plastic cups full. I thought it would be a good idea to leave on on the floor next to me in case the other one got to dirty. No way. The next person to come to my table accidentally kicked it over, oops! It was carpet so no worries, it dried quite fast to my relief! Before I knew it, the day as almost over and it was time to show the rest of the course what we had done over the last week. I have the tendency not to want to show people my work, maybe because I am shy or just want to keep it too my self, but I am glad I did. I got lots of positive feedback which made me feel good. When it had ended we said our good buy which was sad because we all made quite good friend that week. Some friends and I went to Oxford street and went to the Topshop to have a look round. We got lost and it that place is it incredibly hard to find your way back. After half an hour we found ourselves and went and had dinner. As you can see there was a debate whether or not to get a coke float! It was a very fun week and hope to do something like it again soon! Lots of love xoxo P.S. If you missed out course day four, Click Here to read!

Art Course • Day 4

Hello everyone! I am so so sorry that I havn't blogged in over a week! I was meant to finsh the art blog series but when on holiday and didn't have my camera, with the pictures, and my computer, to edit it on! I am back in Holland now with free time to as much blogging as I want. 

My fourth day at the collage was my favorite of them all. The day began disuccing a little what we had done so far and where we wanted to take it next. Our supervisors gave us some things we should research, but not on the internet, in the library. They took us to the Central Saint Martins building were there was the biggest library concerning fashion, art, and desing I had ever seen. I never really though I would enjoy researching in the library but in fact it was very fun! The library has something the internet doesn't have. It could be that you are holding the information and finding the information is a little harder so when you found it  you feel rewarded. We were there for two and half hours but it felt more like one to me! I photocopied all the things I wanted to use, because we can't cut up library books, can we? After lunch in the nicest school criteria I have ever seen, we went outside to meet the rest of the course and go home. However, there was a fountain. A big fountain. A fountain that you could run in and out off. Three of my friends and I thought it was be fun so we took of our shoes and went in it. It was fun and we got wet but that was a good thing because it was very hot that day so a little cooling was needed! We went back to the main building and put our work together and then it was time to go home. I'll write up day five now so they'll be posted at the same time. Lots of love xoxo

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Art Course • Day 3

London! What a city! I have never really acknowledged what a wonderful and huge place it is. It's not just huge in size and population, but also in culture, history and inspiration. For our third day we were taken a quiet root around some very beautiful and non-touristic places. I know I come from London and have seen a lot of it, but being there quite often you forget to really look around and see what there is too see. We walked through a really old yet quiet and clean part which was full of offices. The plan was to go to a museum. The museum we went too was full of really odd in many ways. It looked like a usual old Georgian houses you find, but when we went inside, all the rooms were filled of very old and interesting things. The first room we went in was full of old books shelves, with old books, old chairs and old tables. I really like the different fonts of letters on all the books because they looked really Harry Potterish and reminded me of the library in Hogwarts. The next room was a complete culture change. Lots of Greek statues were on the floor and wall. I sort of jumped when I walked in because on my right was was a huge man statue. Upstairs was different again, full of architecture about the 1948 Olympic stadium. I came across another book case and it wasn't the books that I liked but that I could see my reflection on the glass case but also the books. I sketched out what I could see. Before we left I went to the gift shop and picked up some postcards that really inspired me, because of the pastel colours.  We went headed back to our usual class room and sat down to discuss what we had so far and where we were planning to go with it all. I looked at my work and saw that I keep bring up the same colours and the reflection in the windows and mirrors, so this was definitely going to be a part. After, I went on the computer and went on tumblr to do my daily check up on things and thought I should check out my archive because a lot of pictures that I've posted or reblogged really went well with what I was thinking about doing. This was such a good idea and found lots of pictures I could use. That's all for now, see you tomorrow! 

How has your summer been?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Art Course • Day 2

Hello everyone! Day two. What a busy day! Homework was to bring in an item of anything that we though inspired us. I decided to bring my tie dye studded denim jacket, because I am in love with it and when I look at it and can think of many ideas I can use. Fore more research and inspiration, we went to the Barbican to see a Bauhaus exhibition. We looked around for about two hours sketching little things we found and liked. Around the outside of the building I took a few pictures because the area had such a unique feel to it. On the way out I didn't feel that inspired to I tried really hard to find things that did inspire me, but knew it would just come naturally. When it was time to go home I went to the train station and waited on the platform for my train to come. I looked at one train moving and I thought the reflection I made on the windows and the contrast of people sitting there, so I'm thinking of bringing that into it. Speak tomorrow!

How has your holiday been? Have you done anything arty?

Monday, 6 August 2012

Art Course • Day 1

Hi everyone! For some experience I decided this summer to go on an art course to widen my knowledge on the art world. I definitely want to pursue a career in the art and fashion world so I though it would be a smart idea to go on course to add to me portfolio and to see if this is really for me and what I want to do. The course I chose was " Creating a Portfolio". The first day was pretty eventful. Firstly I found myself in the wrong room and the wrong course, so I had to come a little late but it didn't matter too much as nothing had started. After that dilemma had ended we introduced ourselves to the people on the course. I got to know a few people which was nice. We did lots of different drawing exercises, one in which we had too draw quick sketches of a model in outrages clothes for 30 seconds. We used our hand which we usually wouldn't use for another 30 seconds and then gripping the pencil in our whole hand for another 30 seconds. We did this several times using different media; pencil, pen, ink, colour pencil. We made a final piece which we worked on for five minutes which we then had to become inspired by to create a collage. I made this collage using old magazines and cutting them up and sticking them the way we wanted. This was the end of the day, so I'm looking forward to see what tomorrow brings me!

Are you interested in art and fashion? Have you ever taken a course? 

Friday, 3 August 2012

2012 London Olympics • Woman's Road Race

Hello everyone! On the 29th of July, I was lucky enough to watch the "Woman's Road Race" on Box Hill! As I am sure you all know, the Olympics is being hosted in London this year, which I am ecstatic about. This is because London is my home and I come to visit very often. I went with my boyfriend and my dad so it was a very good day. To get up the hill we needed to climb a hill which really hurt. I must go out for a jog more often! Once we finally got there, a man told us where to go and what to do. There was field which had a big screen, lots of little food stalls and an Olympic shop. We watched the start of the race on the big screen because it started well away from where they were going to pass us, and sure enough the second the race started so did the rain. Typical British weather! We stood under the trees for ten minutes to see if the rain would stop, but unfortunately it didn't. We made are way to the spot where we could watch them go past. After waiting for a good hour hearing live commentary on what was happening in the race, they finally came! It was very exciting and very fast. They made two rounds of Box Hill so we were able to see them twice! Once they left Box Hill, everyone seeded to the big screen to watch the end of race, and what an end it was! Team GB got silver thanks to Elizabeth Armitstead! Marianne Vos from the Netherlands one gold, so congratulations too her! by this point the heavens had opened! It was bucketing it down and we were sitting in a field! As soon as it ended we made out way down the hill back home, but this time we walked down were we biked so we saw all different patterns on the floor. It was a very enjoyable day and feel very lucky to have gone

Are you watching the Olympics? Who are you supporting?