Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Friend's Room Haul: Yummy Smelling things I found

Body&Soul Wellness
Verwohn Body Spray
Grape Fruit and Bergamot Orange
(Information is not visible in pictures)

The smell of the body spray is very mild and fruity. It was not really strong enough to last the whole day which I thought was a shame. It did last over six hours, but then it began to fade. It did however smell very nice, and as it is only €3, which is £1.50, I would definitely get it. I would rate this a ♥♥♡♡ Purely because I didn't find the smell as strong and sweet as it could be. 

 It smells seriously gorgeous and even though at first it feels oily, that passes. There is quite a lot in the tube it comes in. I looked at the Hollister website and saw that it costs $12, which is about £7.50. I don't think that's too bad for the amount you get and the quality, but I would prefer to buy it when it's on sale. It's only available this summer which is a shame, but I can't wait to see their next body cream. I would give this product full marks ♥♥♥♥!

I really love this one as well. It a very spring and fresh sent, and is great for both night outs and casual meetings.  The appearance is really cute and quirky and very Hollister! Just buy looking at at the bottle, it already smells really good. After I put it on, the smell stayed for nearly the whole day, which means it's pretty good quality stuff. Some products you buy only last a few hours, which I find really irritating at the end of the day. Online it said it cost $12 which is £7.50. It's a little pricey, but if it was on sale I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. I would definitely rate this at the top ♥♥♥♥.

The Cacharel Scarlett perfume is very unique. I haven't smelt anything like it before, but definitely in a good way. It very strong, but not in a sweet way, which is always a good sign with me, because if something is too sweet, it can be quite sickly. I searched it up online, and it cost about £40 - £50, depending on where you purchase it. That would be €55 - €65. The appearance of the bottle is really cute and dinky. Not much is actually in the bottle though, which I thought was a shame. There's only 25ml (0.8 FL.OZ) which I thought was not a lot for the price you pay. Overall I would give it ♥♥♥♡, because the price is a let down.

Peace and Quiet

Goo' Day Me Lovelies!

I'm at a friend's house at the moment, because I need a place to stay while my mum is on a work conference in Germany. I got the train from Groningen down to Den Haag, which took about two and half hours. Was an alright journey to be honest. I had my IPod, my phone and the latest edition of both ELLE and VOGUE, so there wasn't really any time to be bored. It's my second day here, and unfortunately, Kathe needs to go to school and I wasn't allowed to join her, so I've been stuck in her room. It's not to be really. I'm the kind of person who doesn't really mind being alone, as long has I have my laptop to do bits and bobs on. 
For my Personal Project, this school project I need to complete by November the 10th, I've decided to make a fashion based magazine. I found a website that prints magazines for a reasonable price and is able to shop all over the world. Here's the link to it if any of you are interested your self to do something like this: http://www.magcloud.com/
I took some photo's purely out of boredom, but I'm actually quite happy how they turned out! They are a little poserish, but ignore that! I also was able to make a video for my youtube account: "monicaaliceeShow" so you should watch it and see what it's like. 

Monday, 22 August 2011

Weird and wonderful

When I was on Holiday, I saw some amazing and weird things when I was staying at the cottage. The lady next door to us had this goat, who constantly was on the table. Yes that’s right, on a table. I wasn't too sure why. 
 One evening I was outside playing with my little brother and sister and was lucky enough to capture this beautiful sunset. The clouds looked like they were a painting and the colour were so unreal and so beautiful.The black trees in the distance really exaggeration the colours. 
 On the last day of the trip we were playing on some grass and I happened to be barefoot. As I ran, I JUST missed stepping on the gigantic slug! My little sister was brave enough to pick it up to compare its size for a photo. It wasn't just long, it was very fat. Izzy wanted to show the rest, so she ended up running to the house with a slug stuck to her hand. It was a very odd moment. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Some Day Summery, Tuesday

♥  London Riots are getting out of hand.. the looting and the thuggery is outrageous. Coming from London, and in London right now, it's upsetting that people are able to destroy their beautiful city and it's heartbreaking to see people homes and workplaces be destoyed. Four days on, I'm hoping that it'll be over as soon as possible, which is looking a little posituve, because the police number has gone up. This might not work, but I do hope it will.
Got back from Brighton today, as I went to see Leoni who is a close friend of mine. We got up to alot in the two days I was down there. The first night, we went out for an Italian, with out mums, and after went to this posh hotel for some pudding. The next day, our day started of with some shopping, but then rumours that the riots where coming to Brighton centre, we headed home. We didn't let the riots get us down though, and still had a good time. It was lots of fun and am gutted that I had to leave, but am definitaly looking forward to next time.
Blogging is very new to me and I'm not to sure how to make it look good and promote it. I'm still working on what to do, and am thinking of setting up a facebook page which I will share everything on. This could maybe help it get going. Only time will tell.
The weather last week was really weird. In the morning it was usually really cold, cold enough to wear a jumper, then by midday the sun was shining and got rather hot. The heat didn't last, and then by late afternoon, it began to rain. It did puzzle me, but I suppose in England it's possible to have every season in one day.
♥  I've got my eye on this georgeous looking books for my birthday. Their covers have been designed by various artist, Eley Kishimoto and Lucienne Day are just two. The books are to celebrating some of the 20th centuary's best femail authors, so I'm intersted what they are like. I'm sure I will end up reading one of them.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

First Time Drive

When you are underage but really want to have a go at driving a car, and not just up and down the holiday camp site once a year, book yourself a session at Rockingham. In the UK you need to be 17 to get your driver’s licence, and as I really enjoy driving and watch a lot of Formula 1, my dad booked a driving day, for the experience. In Rockingham, a lot is offered. People with driver’s licenses can book sessions in all different types of super cars, and drive them around the race track. This did look fun, but the only thing I was able to do, was the underage drivers block. I chose to drive a “Mini Cooper S” because for a long time I’ve wanted to have a go in one.
The instruction first had to run some information with me before he was allowed to let me lose. I suppose they need to do this to everyone, in case for whatever reason somebody was silly enough to purposely drive into something or someone cause an accident at 5 miles per hour. Oh the destruction that can be caused.
He went through a little bit of everything that would be taught in a proper drivers cause: reversing, going around cones, parking, and so on. I was keen to go a little faster than I was going, so the instructor was happy enough to let me. I learnt that it’s probably a good idea not to go over 20 miles per hour in second gear, unless you like banging you head pretty hard. However, I must say, reaching a whopping 55 miles per hour was somewhat of a thrill, even though it sounds a little pathetic.
Overall it was a pretty good day, and I think I did pretty well. ♥