Sunday, 16 December 2012

It's a Tie Dye World • Outfit Of The Day

I love this beautiful vibrant tie dye jumper that my lovely boyfriend got me for my birthday! I am going to have so much fun styling it! Here is the look I came up with yesterday, and I hope to post many more featuring this jumper! 

I paired it with a golden eagle chain from Topshop, because I find that gold can work with almost anything. The eagle fits in really well with the tie dye because they are both unusual. I also have on some disco pants from River Island. I didn't want to wear anything that would take the attention away from the jumper, so I went for plane black disco trousers. Lastly I have my beloveded Creeps with some white frilly socks. I always have on some frilly sock if I wear these shoes because just plane socks don't compliment them as well!

If you would like to know where I got the clothes and accessories  underneath I have listed the item and where I got it. I hope you liked this look, and if so please hype and follow! It would mean a lot and show that you like what I am doing! 

Jumper • Boyfriend
Disco Pants • River Island
Shoes  Creeps
Necklace  Topshop


Friday, 7 December 2012

Outfit Of The Day • First Snowflakes

It has started to snow, and if you have read my last post you will have heard that I am loving it! Here is an outfit that I had on a couple of days ago. I was not prepared for snow, so the ripped jumper was quite cold, but apart from that, it was all fine! I went a little over the top with Topshop as you can see, but I love how the clothes worked together! Hope you are all well! xoxo

Jumper - Ragged Priest at Topshop
Velvet Leggings - Motel Rocks at Topshop
Chelsea Boots - Topshop

Neon Pink Beenie Hat - Topshop
Eagle Chain Necklace - Topshop

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Winter Wonderland!

When I walked out of my front door this morning into a winter wonderland! I heard that it was going to snow during the night, however I did not expect it to snow this much. As we are well into December now, our house is starting to look very festive; Christmas tree, decorations, lights. The snow has given me that comforting feeling that Christmas is well on its way! 

I bike to school because where I live it is very flat and near to my school, so it is the most officiant way to get around. Even though it snowed, it did not stop me from biking to school, and I have to say it was not the easiest trip I had. I went at what felt like the speed of a snail, as I really did not want to fall into the slushy snow on the road. I saw two of three people fall of and they did not look all that happy! 

With snow comes snow ball fights, and at my school that is pretty big so I spent the say trying to protect my self whenever I went outside! I do love snow balls fights, however I am not that warming to having freezing cold ice fall down my spine!

I am glad it is snowing now, because it makes the outside look really Christmasy. When there is enough I am definitely going to build a snowman, because you are NEVER too old to build a snowman! The best part though I have too say is that if you are lucky enough, school even might decide to close, and we all love that don't we!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Fashtag Launch Party!

Hey everyone! Last week Friday I came back from a wonderful art trip to the beautiful city of London! I have had problems with my internet so I have not been able to upload anything to my blog, but now that it is better I am uploading something that I really want to share. 

On the 22nd of November, I was invited to the Fashtag Launch Party, in Carnaby street, and what an experience it was! Having a fairly underground YouTube channel and Blog, it was great to get out there and meet many big names in the fashion blogging world. I was lucky enough to me Lexi from sototallyvlog and BeautybyJJ. As I am a huge fan of Lexi, it was amazing to meet her in person. From afar I saw Made In Chelsea's Rosie Fortescue and Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes. It was amazing to meet everyone in personal actually  Lots of famous faces that you never thought you would see in flesh are with you in the same room is very overwhelming. 

I was there for just over an hour and half, and in that time I got my make up done by a lovely lady who is make up artist for the Illamasqua makeup brand. She created an amazing smokey eye on me that looked fantastic. Whenever I do it myself, it always looks a little messy, but with her it looked fab! Once my make up was done, I had a little photo shoot. This was really fun! Afterwards I was interviewed by Goldyrocks for a while which was a lovely experience. A small part of the interview has been put into their official launch video which I am really chuffed about! Be sure to check out the video down below! 

I had a limited amount of time, so I am very grateful for being able to have attended to launch! Thanks Fashtag for letting me come down! I can not wait to see what happens to the channel!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

British Fashion Awards 2012 • Awards and Cat Walk

The British Fashion Awards - 2012

This years “British Fashion Awards” was held at The Savoy Hotel and Theatre in London, yesterday on the 27th of November. Gemma Arterton, a British actress, and Nick Grimshar, a British television and radio presenter, were the hosts of the night.
A total of 14 awards were given out to 13 people, as Stella McCartney left with a whopping two awards, Designer of the Year and Designer Brand. 

For the third time running, Alexa Chung picked up the British Style Award. It isn’t surprising as she dresses fashionably, classy, yet brings her personality into what she wears. 

The Emerging Talent Award – Ready to Wear, was given to J.W. Anderson. Not long ago he did a collection for Topshop, and many of the pieces were fresh and inviting.

Sophie Hulme went home with the Emerging Talent Award – Accessories. She is best known for her bag designs.
 The award for the Outstanding Achievement in Fashion, was taken away by Manlo Blahnik CBE. During Manol’s career he has influence the fashion industry of today, and deserves to be recognised for his work.

The Red Carpet Award was given to Roksanda Ilincic. Inconic figures like, the Ducess of Campbridge and MIchelle Obama have been seen her designs, so it was a well earned award. 
A British designer, Nicholas Kirtwood, won the Accessories award. He has come up with many fabulous shoes, jewellery and accessories over some time.

Emerging Talent Award – Menswear, was won by Jonathan Sauders. Over this year, he has broken into the design world creating many lovely pieces.
The chairman of the British Fashion Council, Harold Tillman CBE, was privileged enough to be awarded the Special Recognition award, for his contributions towards British fashion.

The Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator, was picked up Professor Louise Wilson OBE. This year she celebrated her twentieth year at the Course Director for Fashion MA at the prestige art school, Central Saint Martins. She has been praised for bringing up the biggest names in the fashion world, like, Louise Gray, Christopher Kane and Simone Rocha.

The New Establishment Award was picked up by Erdem. Fairly new in the fashion world, Erdem’s most recent two seasons have hoisted his audience and praise.   

When Cara Delevingne was awarded Best Model, I was in total agreement. Cara is very fresh and over the past year she has given us a taste of her distinctive style. Her Victoria Secret show and Burberry modelling, she has proved her self to the modelling world.
For the second year in a row, Kim Jones received the Menswear Designer award. He is praised for his creations for the Louis Vuitton’s ready to wear line, so this award was earned. 

Designer of the Year: Stella McCartney

Designer Brand: Stella McCartney

New Establishment: Erdem

Menswear Designer: Kim Jones for Louis Vuitton

Emerging Talent Award - Ready-To-Wear: JW Anderson

Emerging Talent Award - Accessories: Sophie Hulme

Emerging Talent Award - Menswear: Jonathan Saunders

Accessory Designer: Nicholas Kirkwood

Red Carpet Award: Roksanda Ilincic

Model: Cara Delevingne

Outstanding Achievement in Fashion: Manolo Blahnik CBE

Special Recognition: Harold Tillman CBE

Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator: Louise Wilson OBE

British Style brought to you by Vodafone: Alexa Chung

One of the best parts of the night is the Red Carpet! Celebrities, designers, and fashion icons, all dress up for the glamorous night. My all time favourite outfit of the night was definitely Gemma Arterton’s, with her Stella McCartney jumpsuit and gorgeous rainbow metallic pumps. This was very closely followed by both of Rita Ora’s outfits. She didn’t disappoint with her first, Vivienne Westwood aqua blue strapless gown, and her second, cream Stella trousers, a knitted top, and rainbow metallic shoes and bag.

What did you think of the ceremony? Did you favourites win?