Friday, 23 December 2011

Shopping Haul/ Review

I purchased this jumper from, but it can also be bought in their selected shops. It was full priced at £40. The whole jumper is a midnight blue. The actually jumper's material is: 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester.
The fur collar at the top is a key statement in the product. It is detachable with little buttons (as seen underneath) so is optional to wear it. The fur is not real fur and is made from: 41% Polyester, 31% Acrylic and 28% Modacrylic.  
The washing instructions state the before washing, the collar must be removed and can handle a cool iron, but tumble drying and dry cleaning is advised not too. 
I love this jumper, because it fits really nicely and even though it is quite thin, it keeps me relatively warm. The fur collar is something I love and the reason I bought it because it is different. The colour of the fur is gorgeous and very Autumn. I love dark blue which also another reason I chose the jumper to be a midnight colour. 

This jumper was from a department store, in the Jane Norman section and was on sale at the beginning of November which was the time I bought it. It was €25 reduced from €40. The material of the jumper is 100% Acrylic. The washing instructions state: to wash dark clothes apart, not to bleach and not to tumble dry. Also, to dry flat, iron on the lowest temperature and not to dry clean.
The reason I bought the jumper was not to keep me warm, because as you can see it is not designed for that, but because I have been looking for a jumper with huge holes in for a very long time. I saw one in Top Shop over a year ago and really regret not buying it, so I have been on the look out for a similar one ever since. The jumper is cropped to just below the belly button which is why I would wear a string top underneath other wise it is a little revealing! 

This blouse was purchased at the begging of December in a department store in the Oasis section. It cost €31 in sale reduced from €40. The material it is made from is: 100% Polyester. 
The washing instructions state to only use non-biological detergent when washing and to keep dark clothes apart. When it is still damp reshape and dry flat.
The blouse as a silky top underneath the lace on the body, but the arms are left open. The chest has three simple yet pretty bows which also have buttons behind them to open the blouse.
I am in LOVE with this. The lace is very glamorous and great for going out or an even everyday outfit. I think I might even wear it on Christmas day! Lace has been very in this year, from the royal wedding I think. Her dress was beautiful.

This head bend was bought on with the fur jumper above and costed £6. Inside the headband there is a wire that makes it easy to shape around your head in a position that pleases you. The outside is made from a midnight blue silky material which I find very glamorous and Kate Middleton.  

I had one of these headbands a few months ago but it went missing. I was quite upset about it because they are really handy and comfy to wear because they stay the position you put them in. I chose this material and colour because I adore dark blue and the material is quite different. 

I purchased these earrings at the beginning of December from They cost me a whole £5! I was very happy with this price. The earrings have a big diamond replica in the middle and lots of tiny ones surrounding the big one. 

I was so pleased to see these online because I lost some earrings that look very similar to these. Also, I only seem to wear diamond studs at the moment, which might be a phase. Who knows! They fit really well on my ears unlike some earrings that feel too heavy or feel like they might fall out at any moment. 

This bag was bought in a department store in the Jane Norman section. It cost me €40 at its full price which was at the beginning of November. 

I was really happy with it because it very smart but also quite casual, so I can use it at special events. The little tassled buckle (as seen below) on the front is a really nice touch to the whole bag because it makes it quite funky! I really like the red leathered material because I do not have a bag that is anything like this so it makes a nice change.

monicaalicee xoxo

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