Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How I Store • Clothes, Bags, Shoes

I decided to do a blog post on my clothes storage. I had a request to do this, because in the background of my YouTube videos (monicaaliceeShow), you can see the rack I hang my clothes. I keep a lot of my clothes in my wardrobe, but not long ago it ran out of space. I did not want to have another wardrobe in my room so I decided to purchase a clothes hanger so that you could see the clothes. The reason I wanted one of these was because I thought it would be nice to see my favorite items of clothing, and bring some colour to the room. The one you can see has a shoe rack, bars to hang coat hanger, and another rack on top for whatever you want. I decided to put my bags on the top because they are a fashion accessory, just like clothes, and I decided to put my shoes on the bottom, because it displays them neatly and nicely. The clothes rack was bought in IKEA, from what I remember about €80. There is not really much more to say, just that I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and also gave you ideas on how to store you clothes! By clicking this, it will take you to my video on my clothes storage on my YouTube channel, be sure to have a look!

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