Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Week In Photos No.1

Instagram name: monicaalicee
♥ Some beautiful flowers my mum got me ♥ A side picture of my hair ♥ My art competition artwork ♥ My cat in a box
♥ Fresh orange juice in the sun ♥ My lovely boyfriend making me a bunch of flowers ♥ Me with flowers in my hair ♥ Doing some art
♥ Pencil study of a bunch of keys ♥ Colour pencil study of my denim jacket ♥ Me having a lazy day ♥ My top I designed and made
♥ My cat and I  Giving my feet a well deserved rest ♥ It's a beautiful day, sunshine ♥ A picture of her Majesty The Queen

I have seen lots of bloggers make blog post dedicated to their Instagram. Recently I have got back into Instagram because I love the idea of sharing pictures and being able to add a really pretty effect to the ones you wish to share! Here are some picture from the last week or two that I thought I would put in my very first Instagram diary post! I hope you enjoy and please follow me on Instagram if you have an account yourself! xoxo


  1. Lovely photos!

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