Monday, 26 August 2013

Travel Blog • Sardinia, Italy

This weekend I got home from a wonderful week in Sardinia, an Island off the coast of Italy, which I was lucky enough to spend it with my boyfriend and his family! Above are some pictures that I was able to take of my time there, and as you can see there is a lot of natural bright blues and greens, blue sky, aqua sea and green plants.

As you can imagine, the weather was beautiful! When it was day time the weather was hot, especially during siesta time, and the evenings were perfect. Not once did I need to wear trousers or a thick jacket when the sun went down!

The hotel that we stayed at had a lovely big pool which I swam in at least once everyday! The hotel was also a five minute walk from the beach. At every beach that we went to, the sea was warm and refreshing due to the heat. One of the days we went canyoning, climbing and hiking through a beautiful   canyon that hadn't been disturbed by humans but only nature itself, so after being busy in the heat, the beach we ended our hike at was paradise.

The landscape in Sardinia is spectacular. There is a massive contrast between there and where I live. Where I live the landscape is pretty much flat and rather dull but Sardinia is full of mountains, cliffs, beaches and other beautiful natural features.

I already miss waking up and walking in the warmth next to palm trees to breakfast and walking back from dinner in the cool summer evening breeze with the clear night sky above me. I do hope to visit Sardinia again or somewhere very similar in my life time and really recommend it for a holiday destination! monicaalicee xoxo

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