Friday, 25 May 2012

MUA Eyeshadow Palette • Review

 One of my most recent cosmetic purchases was the "Eyeshadow Palette, Heaven and Earth", by Makeup Academy Professional. The reason I was so keen to pick up this eyeshadow palette, was because after watching vlogger on YouTube reviewed it and showed the audience exactly what it can do, I was very eager to buy it. Not living in the United Kingdom, it was impossible to find a "Superdrug" shop anywhere, so when I visited London last week, I made sure I paid a visit. 
The palette consist of 12 natural shades of beige and brown. It offers a god selection of different colours so you are able to create many looks, including the smokey eye effect and the natural look. The quality of the palette is amazing, considering the price, £2.99, which to me is extremely reasonable for the amount of colours you get. The eyeshadow's blend really nicely and smoothly on your eyelid, unlike some when you try and blend two colours into each other, you can create a huge mess of different colours. From what I have experienced, the eye shadow stays on for a decent amount of time, however it depends on the weather and what you are doing. If the weather is warm, the heat makes the product rub of very quickly and leaves a horrible smudgy look, however when it is cool this does not happen. Also, if you touch you face a lot, or rub your eyes because of an itch or even an uncomfortable contact lens, this can also mess up the look. If the product is left alone, and it is not too warm, it works very well. I never use the brush that is provided because I find that it irritates my skin. Instead I use an eyeshadow brush, because it is a lot smoother on the skin, and help blending different shades together. 
That is all for the MUA Eyeshadow Palette, and I hope this little review was or much use, and if not, that you enjoyed reading it! Hope you have a nice day, xoxo. 

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