Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Piercings

I don't have all that many piercing. I only have them on my ears although I was considering getting my belly button done, but then I heard lots of stories about it getting infected easily, so I still need time to think! 

Lobe Number. 1
My first lobe piercing was when I was 11 years old. I can't remember if it hurt or not, I just remember that after a few weeks it got quite gross and crust and hurt a lot. That has long passed and doesn't hurt one bit! It's nothing special having your lobes done because nearly everyone has it, but stud earrings are part of my daily accessory and how I express myself so it doesn't matter. 

Lobe Number. 2
I thought it would look really good to have earrings just above the ones I already had in my lobe, so I got a pair just above. Unfortunately they are slightly too close to my first lobes so I hardly ever wear both at the same time. In the picture above you can see I have some in, but this is because I am wearing a very small stud so I can fit it. 

My cartilage was my most recent piercing. I had wanted it for years and never got round to getting it done. Finally and friend of mine and I agreed to go and get it done together. I had it done on my right ear because the way my hair parts when it's loose means you can see it better like that. For the pain, I rate it a four out of five. This is because I panicked so it hurt more than it should have done. I hate needles and injections and getting pierced means a needle is going in you, so of course I freaked out. When it was over however all I felt was a throbbing hot sensation. It hasn't got infected and hasn't given me any problems yet so that's great! I am very glad I got it done!

Do you have any piercing? 


  1. i like the chain, you really suit it too!
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