Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bring it on, 2013.

Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013! At the start of every year it is a tradition to set your self goals to follow throughout the year to come. A good way to start thinking of these goals is too look back at the past year and list the things you liked about your self and the things that you didn't like as much. In my case there were things that I really loved and want to carry on, but also aspects that I want to improve on.

Go for the healthier option 
As it has just been Christmas, I feel it is time I went back to the healthier options and less mince pies! It isn't a bad thing to occasionally indulge in a yummy chocolate bar or packet of crisps, but overall staying away from them is a better idea. The biggest problem with me isn't the meal, I eat rather healthy meals, it’s the snacking that’s the problem! When I feel like a little snack to tide me over I want to go for something that will benefit me more than not. Instead of a chocolate bar, I will eat some low fat yogurt and instead of crisps, some nuts.

Do my very best at school 
I am quite happy with how school went last year, however I want to try even harder this year. I heard someone say that I have less than two years to go! This scared me quite a bit and I don’t want to throw it all away and wish I did better. I want to look back at my work and be able to be proud of myself!

do not worry 
I have the unfortunate habit of worrying a lot about the littlest things that should not get me. The worrying doesn't just bring me down at the time I’m worrying, but also has an impact on me even days after. As this affected my life in a bad way last year, I don’t want it to happen anymore! It isn't something that will go away immediately, but my goal is not to worry about silly little things. The picture below is one a friend showed me that I thought was very true and helpful.

The worry diagram, there is no need to worry!

                                     ♥ Make my loved ones around me happy 
I don’t just want to make goals that will only benefit me, but also the people I love. There are lots of amazing and important people that are in my life that make me happy! I want to return this and be the best person I can be towards them too. In the end, this will make me happy as I’m making others around me happy, and make me a better person! 

Blog and Vlog more 
Over the year of 2013, I want blog and vlog a lot more! I want to blog at least one Outfit Of The Day a week, and another post if I have time. I want to upload a video on my Youtube channel at least once every two weeks. It may not seem like it but blogging is very time consuming. You must write up what you want to share, take the photos and then edit them! Even though I love doing it, it’s the time that is the issue. The same goes from youtube videos, time! I am going to try and make more time for it!

I hope to keep to these goals and overall become a better person for myself! I wish you all a happy new year and good luck with your new year's resolutions! xoxo monicaalicee

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