Saturday, 5 January 2013

Outfit Of The Day Christmas Day

Hello everyone! I hope every single one of you had a very merry Christmas and a fabulous new year's eve! The reason this Christmas look is a tad late and I have not blogged in a little while is because I took a two week break from blogging as it was Christmas time. I went to back home to London and spent a time with my family and friends, which I am sure you all did too!

When I was in London for my school trip, I tried on this very sparkly dress in the big Topshop in Oxford Street, however did not buy it. I regretted it though, so ordered it almost imminently when I got back! I am so  happy I did buy it in the end because I find it is perfect for Christmas and New Years because of the green and sequins.

I am not wearing shoes in the pictures because I never left the house on Christmas, but I would have paired the dress with my trusty Litas! I did bring them with me just never put them on! I wore some black tights because it was December and very cold, so I was warm! For make up I went for the classic winged eye and red lips. I did not want to go too bold as the dress was the statement piece!

I hope you enjoyed this look, and it would much appreciated if you would follow my blog and hype on Look Book (!

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