Saturday, 7 December 2013

"Natural Beauty" opening and "Fantastico" exhibition - Groningen Museum

Yesterday I attended the opening for the "Natural beauty" exhibition at the Groningen Museum, in The Netherlands. I received an invitation from my art teacher at school and was very excited when I was given it! The invitation said I was allowed to bring a plus one, so of course I brought my mum! It also allowed us to walk around another exhibition which is on at the moment, called Fantastico. 

The weather was traitorous yesterday, so I ran from the bus all the way to museum! When I got there I was very happy because it was warm and dry and I could not wait to see the exhibitions! My full outfit will be at the end of the blog post!

Throughout this blog post I am not posting any photos directly of the art because it is an exhibition you have to pay for. There are only photos of my mum and I and parts that are outside of the exhibition front door. 

We got there a little before the Natural Beauty exhibition opened, so my mum and I went to see the "Fantasica" exhibition, which I very much enjoyed! The art that was displayed was by an artist from Madrid called Jaime Hayon, who has been claimed to be one of the most acclaimed designer of his generation. I was so excited about the exhibition when I left it that I purchased the official "Fantastica" souvenir book to look at when I got home! 

The exhibition was a mix of canvas paintings, ceramics, life size sculptures and interior design. It gave me a elegant feeling because of the skilled craftsmanship of the work but also a feeling that I had entered a world flu of childlike like dreams. The art work was very quirky and fun, and reminded me of some of my work and ideas. It was full of pastel colours and each from had a different colour wall. Not just the art, but also how the work was displayed deserves a roux of applause. If you are in the area, or this exhibition comes to you, I highly advice it! 

The exhibition "Natural Beauty" is sponsored by Unicef, a global organisation that supports children's rights and helps protect them. Lots of children that were taking part in the Unicef section of the exhibition were there. Some children presented their support for Unicef and the exhibition which was interested to listen to. The museum offered places for the children to draw and had nibbles and refreshments. My mum and I had no idea what this exhibition was going to be like until we walked in. It was a mix of renaissance art and impressionism, something my mum and I enjoy which was a lovely sup prise! I was lucky enough to see work by Monet so I was very pleased! If you are in the area, this exhibition is a nice quick activity to do! 

What I wore
❯ Trousers from Topshop
❯ Black peplum top from Topshop
❯ Chelsea Boots from Topshop
❯ Necklace from Accessorize
❯ Black hand bag from River Island
❯ Jacket is second hand

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