Monday, 2 June 2014

Portugal Look Book - Day 1

Daytime Look

Top - Topshop
Shorts - Zara
Shell Necklace - Six
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Sandals - New Look

Day one, welcome to Portugal! It was a lovely unexpected feeling walking outside to a light breeze on a 26 degrees Monday morning. Monday mornings trigger the dark, cold and early school morning after staying up late trying to perfect an essay due the next day. Instead of dressing up in a pair of jeans, UGG boots and a jumper, I put together this very relaxed and free outfit. Effortless for the trouble-free day ahead! First thing I did was put on my bikini and rush to our little swimming pool in our back garden, where we have numerous sun loungers to relax on. I brought a book that I have been longing to read, 'The Devil Wears Prada', written by Lauren Weisberger. I am a huge fan of the film staring one of my favourite actresses, Emily Blunt, thus wanted to give the book a read. The past year it has been hard to read for leisure as school has been extremely busy so this was the perfect time. 

After a short read the girls and I decided it was best if we went a did the first big shop of the holiday, to make sure enough essentials were bought and less of the 'not so' essential purchases were left to last! It was this shopping trip that I found out how inexpensive the taxis are in Albufira. To take five of us a quarter of an hour to the Aldi and back cost us around €15. If this was London it would be double that amount, perhaps even triple! Our taxi driver, whom we became a dedicated customer of, was very friendly and helpful in showing us the area we were.

30 eggs, 18 litres of water and 7 loafs of bread later, we made in home to a very hungry household. Tomato sauce and pasta was on the menu tonight! I resumed reading my book until I decided it was time to take a nap; the heat and traveling was taking its toll! This nap became my daily siesta that I became dependent on for the late nights. What was normal to wake up at 6.30am became 11am and what was normal to go to bed at 10pm became 2am. No chance of anyone was going out tonight though. Still exhausted from the journey, the guys had their Corona and the girls each had a glass of Vodka and Coke accompanied by some crisps. A relaxing evening with some music. 

This video below is from my YouTube channel! Feel free to take a look!

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