Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Olso - Palace, Castle and Opera House

Today we woke up and did not know exactly what we wanted to do. We knew that we wanted to take a trip up Oslo hill. However, this would have only been worth while if the skies were clear and the weather predictions were not expecting this. Instead we agreed to stay in the city and explore a little more. A plan was made to visit The Royal Palace of Oslo, Akershus Castle and Oslo Opera House. 

We used our travel card and caught the metro to The Royal Palace. The palace was very different to what I had expected. Perhaps I was thinking of Buckingham Palace when I had imagined it because I expected large gates surrounding the palace. Instead, the palace was open in the courtyard and we were able to walk very close to it. The grounds that lay around the palace were beautiful and green, enabling us to stroll around peacefully. 

We hopped on the metro and headed to the harbour where we found Akershus Castle. We journeyed into the castle via the back entrance. At first we could not see much of the castle or the view. However, the magnificent view of the harbour lay just over a little hill where we sat an enjoyed watching the boats float in and out of Oslo. It must have been a clever place to see wanted and perhaps unwanted visitors coming into Oslo!

Not far was Oslo Opera House. It took a short walk along the harbour, where we saw a mix of cruise ships, private yachts and fisherman boats. It was quite breath taking when I first saw the Opera House. The size and structure of the building is wonderful. It was even more amazing once we started walking on the roof as it gave us a view of Oslo and Oslo hill. As we walked up and around the roof, it felt very much like were walking on a cloud (you can see this is on of the photographs above); very dream like and romantic. 

Perhaps we did not see Oslo hill but instead we saw some beautiful sights around Oslo city that I am very glad we did.

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