Thursday, 11 September 2014

Oslo - Holmenkollbakken

It was time to hit the hills! The sun was shinning and the skies seemed clear enough to enjoy the views from the Oslo hills.

We caught the metro to the station a short but steep walk away from the ski jump. What we saw next was quite incredible. When I watch the winter Olympics I know that the ski jumps are big so I should have expected it the sheer size of the jump. Holmenkollbakken was massive! Megalophobia (the fear or large objects) strangely overcame me slightly. It seemed to resemble an object you would see in a sci-fi film to contact extraterrestrial life above us. What crossed my mind next was the reality that human beings "fly" down this jump. I respect the courage these people have!

We took the metro to the highest point of the hill we could go. The view of Oslo was splendid. Unfortunately the clouds created a slight haze over the city so the view was not as sharped as one might hope. However, we were able to see vast amount of forrest and countryside Norway has.

We walked around for a while and enjoyed the views a little more. In the end we turned back and caught the next metro back to the city down below.

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