Sunday, 16 December 2012

It's a Tie Dye World • Outfit Of The Day

I love this beautiful vibrant tie dye jumper that my lovely boyfriend got me for my birthday! I am going to have so much fun styling it! Here is the look I came up with yesterday, and I hope to post many more featuring this jumper! 

I paired it with a golden eagle chain from Topshop, because I find that gold can work with almost anything. The eagle fits in really well with the tie dye because they are both unusual. I also have on some disco pants from River Island. I didn't want to wear anything that would take the attention away from the jumper, so I went for plane black disco trousers. Lastly I have my beloveded Creeps with some white frilly socks. I always have on some frilly sock if I wear these shoes because just plane socks don't compliment them as well!

If you would like to know where I got the clothes and accessories  underneath I have listed the item and where I got it. I hope you liked this look, and if so please hype and follow! It would mean a lot and show that you like what I am doing! 

Jumper • Boyfriend
Disco Pants • River Island
Shoes  Creeps
Necklace  Topshop



  1. I absolutely LOVE this jumper; the pattern is great.
    Can't wait to see more outfits!