Thursday, 6 December 2012

Winter Wonderland!

When I walked out of my front door this morning into a winter wonderland! I heard that it was going to snow during the night, however I did not expect it to snow this much. As we are well into December now, our house is starting to look very festive; Christmas tree, decorations, lights. The snow has given me that comforting feeling that Christmas is well on its way! 

I bike to school because where I live it is very flat and near to my school, so it is the most officiant way to get around. Even though it snowed, it did not stop me from biking to school, and I have to say it was not the easiest trip I had. I went at what felt like the speed of a snail, as I really did not want to fall into the slushy snow on the road. I saw two of three people fall of and they did not look all that happy! 

With snow comes snow ball fights, and at my school that is pretty big so I spent the say trying to protect my self whenever I went outside! I do love snow balls fights, however I am not that warming to having freezing cold ice fall down my spine!

I am glad it is snowing now, because it makes the outside look really Christmasy. When there is enough I am definitely going to build a snowman, because you are NEVER too old to build a snowman! The best part though I have too say is that if you are lucky enough, school even might decide to close, and we all love that don't we!

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