Friday, 27 January 2012

Look Book, Pretty Pastle

☂ My outfit was something a through together the other day. I wanted to wear my high neck top, but was not sure how to accessories it. I originally wanted to look quite grunge and punky, but instead I chose a pink and diamond neckless. This for me, made it a 'pretty grunge' look. This changed my look completely so I ended up accessorising with very pastel colours. I put gold earrings with it because I love gold and think it goes with everything. I think the creamy white top fits in really nicely with the other pastel colours. The orange socks match with the dark shoes, which gives the outfit a little bit of darkness. Even though they are dark, they are very natural colours.

♥ Neckless: Accessorize  - €15
♥ Stone Ring: Accessorize - £2.50
♥ L.O.V.E. Ring: Accessorize - £1.50
♥ Earrings: Topshop - £3
♥ Top: New Look - £9
♥ Shorts: Topshop - £30
♥ Shoes: HNM - €40


  1. Great outfit! LOVE the jewellery you're wearing :)

    1. Thank you very much! I followed you on look book, could you do the same? Your blog is really great aswell! xx

  2. Love the shorts, great pictures!

  3. Beautiful outfit! You look lovely!

    Pip x

  4. youre soo pretty and love ur accesories fyi!

    xx jasmine,