Thursday, 26 January 2012

New York, Shopping Haul

When I went to New York with my dad over the Christmas holiday, I did what every girl should do when she goes to New York. Shopping! Here is a bit about what I bought and what I think about it. I also reviewed it on my YouTube channel, so you should go and check it out! Enjoy!


When I went to MAC, I knew I wanted foundation, but was not too sure what my colour was or how much coverage I should get. I decided to ask the woman working there to help me. She tried all the tones she thought was my colour and we settled on a colour that was slightly lighter than the foundation above. Before I bought however, she stopped me and tried a tint darker, because she realised that my neck was slightly darker than my face. This foundation therefore makes my face and neck the same colour. She also recommended light coverage because I am not very old. It feels a little bit like moisturiser to begin with, but after five minutes it dries and does not feel bad at all. Overall, I am really happy with this purchase! It cost me, $29 which I thought was quite a lot, but I had porfessional advice, so it was worth it. 


The last item I bought at MAC, was this beautiful pink blush. I knew I wanted a pink blush, but not sure what shade would look the best. I asked the same lady who helped me with the foundation, and tried all the different pink shades they had. In the end, we settled on 'Pinch O' Peach'. We bother thought it looked the best, which I was really happy about. I wear it on the weekends and when I go out, because if I use it everyday it would not be as special any more. It stays on my face for a good few hours, and does not feel itchy like some foundation do to me. It cost me around about, $15. I am not certain however, so if you are interested, pop over to your local MAC shop or look on their website!


This jumper is officially one of my favourite clothing items! I love it! It is a perfect length, just on the hip, and it is warm and comfy. It has a gorgeous knitted pattern all over it, which makes it really cosy and happy. It is perfect for winter, however when outside a jacket is needed to keep warm. Indoors however, it keeps me warm. I love the Abercrombie moose logo at the bottom, it is definitely my favourite feature. The only down side is, if I wear a black tank top underneath, in certain light you can see it a little bit. This means it is best to wear a light coloured tank top underneath it. The sleeves are very long so I usually roll them up when I am doing something practical, but when I want to be all warm and snugly, I leave them down. It cost me, $68, which I was not to fussed about, because I love it and it was Abercrombie and Fitch. 


I did not actually buy this in New York, but I am going to classify it as a New York purchase. I went to Abercrombie and Fitch shop and saw it there, but it was $120, which was a ridiculous amount of money for a hoodie! I really loved it though so it was a shame to say no and let it go (my rhyming skills!). Anyway, I decided I was going to buy it because I liked it so much, but when I went to another Abercrombie and Fitch shop, they did not have it. In the end I left New York without it, sad face. When I got back to England, I looked on-line and saw they had the same hoodie, on sale, in my size, the right colour and in stock. It was meant to be! My mum ordered it for me so it was just like I got it in New York. It fits really nicely, and the woollen knit inside makes it very warm and great for the winter. I think the Abercrombie logo looks really sweet with the moose. The reason I love it so much though, is because of the fur. I really love fur right now, so this is just perfect!


When I first saw these jeggings, I fell in love with the light blue colour! I thought it looked absolutely gorgeous. I had been looking for a yummy blue for a long time and wherever I saw a pair, they did not fit right and were not very comfy. These however, are extremely comfy because they are very thin denim and stretch a fair bit. This makes moving around very easy unlike some jeans when they are so tight you feel your legs being squished! I love the gold stitching and the Abercrombie and Fitch logo at the back, the colour contrast really well together. They cost me $68, which was quite a lot, but a good pair of trousers are never going to be cheap!


This pair of jeans where the last pair of trousers I bought, and also the last piece of clothing I bought in Abercrombie and Fitch. I was not too sure If I was going to buy them though because I had already got the jeggings. Jeans are different to jeggings so I thought why not! I love the deep and dark blue with the golden stitching all over it (also light blue, jeggings above). I think gold contrasts really well with the blue, and as you all know, if you watch my YouTube videos, I love gold at the moment! They are very comfy and are great for moving around and doing everyday activities, like school. They cost me $78, which was $10 dollars more than the jeggings. This is because they are jeans, so it makes sense!

While my dad and I were wandering through Soho, we saw this very sweet little book shop called Bookmarc. I though I recognised the name but was not to sure how I could have done because I was in New York! We went in and saw that everything was labelled Marc Jacobs. I looked at the shop's name again and saw bookmark was spelt with a 'c' instead of a 'k', like  Marc. I had a good old potter around and saw very lovely things, but it was a lot of money. In the end I did not get anything. When we got back to the hotel my dad said he bough me something and it was this very cute Marc Jacobs pencil! I therefore, have my very own designer pencil! Life is full of funny surprises! I am not going to use, but just keep it as a souvenir. 

In New York, lots and lots of people had these adorable hats, so my dad got me one from this tourist stand. I thought it was really cute, because I love tigers. The scarf part is also a pair of gloves, which means this hat has a hat, scarf and gloves. Talking about, all in one! It is a bit of fun really, so the quality is not amazing. That does not matter though, because it keep me very warm, and kept me warm when it was -7 degrees in New York, so it serves its purpose very well! I love it very much and it reminds me of New York City.

Here is my video haul of everything I just blogged about here.

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