Sunday, 19 February 2012

Winter Wonderland

☂ Finally over the last two weeks it has decided to snow! Of course I am going to take advantage of it and I went ice skating twice with a bunch of friends. One of the times we saw this adorable dog that just came running at us and slipped on the ice, poor thing! Even though I do enjoy the snow, it has come to point where the snow has melted and gone all slushy and brown, which is when I start to hope it will warm up and become summer. It is getting a lot warmer now, and some of the trees are starting to blossom, which means spring is on its way. I am going to miss winter though, even though it is cold and dark, in winter you can enjoy a good old hot chocolate with cream, and not feel guilty! I hope everyone is enjoying what is left of the snow!


  1. oh how jealous am i!
    it's really hot here in South Africa at the moment - would give anything for Winter to arrive :)

    nice blog :)


    1. haha, I would give anything for some sun! Thank you very much :)