Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentines Day - Make Up

I have decided to do a tutorial on what I would wear on valentines day. The whole tutorial on on my YouTube Channel "monicaaliceeShow", so have a look at that! Here are some pictures of the outcome, and some brief steps on how I got the look! 

 Step 1 - Foundation:
I first put a layer of foundation on, making sure it was not too thick, otherwise it would not be very natural. I used a foundation brush to do this. The foundation I used was "Studio Sculp" by MAC, which works very well for me.

Step 2 - Concealing: 
Once you are happy with you foundation, get some thick concealer for you under eye circles. I used the darkest cream from the "Realness of Concealness" kit by Benefit. I gently dabbed it around my eyes and used the foundation brush to blend it in afterwards. 

Step 3 - Eye Brows:
Next it is the eye brows. If you are not happy with your eye brows and want them to be a little darker and more defined, take the "Smokey Eye" pallet by Benefit. If you do not have this, any other eyebrow filler that you are happy with will also do! If you do however, use the darkest shadow, with the brow brush that is given to blend it it. I usually take an old mascara brush to tidy up the eyebrow when I am finished.

Step 4 - Brow Bone:
Again, using the "Smokey Eye" palette by Benefit, take the light pink cream and dab over your brow bone. This will bring out you bone, and make your face look more defined. If you do not have the palette, any other brow bone cream will do!

Step 5 - Eye Shadow:
After that, you need to take a very nude light eye shadow, and make sure it is quite thick. Using a eye shadow brush to spread over your eye lid.

Step 6 - Glitter Pencil:
Take the Topshop eye pencil, and gently go over the eye shadow. Put as much on as you want, because it is your choice how much glitter you want on your eyes. Use the eye shadow brush again to blend it all in. 

Step 7 - Mascara:
For this step I use two different mascaras. The first one is "Bad Gal Lash" by Benefit, which is the first one I apply. Make sure it is quite thick, but do not worry if your eyelashes get clumpy. Then I take my second mascara "False Lash Effect" by Max Factor. I quickly go over my first layer while my lashes are still wet, so I can remove all the clumps. I do exactly the same with my lower lashes.

Step 8 - Bronzer:
Using a powder brush, I take my bronzer, and again any bronzer is fine, and define my face. Make sure you apply the bronzer under you cheek bone, so it makes you face look more defined.

Step 9 - Blush:
After you are happy with your bronze, take you pinkest blush you have. I am using "Pinch O' Peach" by MAC. Lightly apply the blush, using a blush brush, making sure not to put on too much, you do not want to look like a barbie! 

Step 10 - Lipstick:
Once everything else is finished, it is time for your lipstick. Again, take a pink colour. I am using "Please Me" by MAC, which is a light shade of pink. Put it on straight from the stick, but make sure you do not go outside your lip line. If you are not happy with the shape, take a lip shaping brush and tidy it up. 

Step 11 - Lip Gloss: 
If you want your lips to look more shinny, take a pink lipgloss. Make sure the quality is quite thick, otherwise it will wash of the lipstick. I am using a Clinique lip gloss, which I got when I bought an issue of Glamour. Try not to put not much on, just enough to give your lips a nice shinny look!