Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Te Amo Tapas

Hello all! I went out for dinner, with my mum, to a beautiful tapas restaurant in the center of the city. I have always loved Spanish food, especially tapas. The menu was full of delicious dishes, but we settled on only a few. Even though they are very small, they are very filling!  Meatballs, dates with bacon, pears and blue cheese, and fondue. For afters we got a mango and strawberry and yoghurt, a creme raisin pudding, and a chocolate brownie. Yum yum! Here are some photos that I took at the meal, which I hope you enjoy! See you soon and lots of love xoxo

Have you been out for a delicious meal recently? 


  1. I love tapas! This looks amazing, so yummy! xxx

  2. Hi! I enjoyed this post! I love the dish in the 5th photo!!!