Sunday, 22 July 2012

Travel Blog • Barcelona

Hello all! Recently I went on a school trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona. Above are some picture that really show my time there. The first day we took a long, and by long I mean three hours, through the most well known parts of the city. What we saw was very artistic. We saw a lot of Gaudi architecture, as seen in the first few pictures. A lot of musical acts were on the streets which really made our trip musical. We were lucky enough to visit the Sagrada De Familia which is very well known Roman Catholic church, that is still being built after many many years. The outside is unfinished so there are lots of builders and cranes everywhere, but the inside is spectacular. The attention to detail is staggering! After, we went and made dinner at a Spanish restaurant. You can see above the big bowl with what was a very delicious meal. One of the other days we went to the Gaudi museum a little outside of the city. We walked around for a few hours just looking at the art work that he had produced in his life. The art is very detailed and magical. The last day we were there we had free time, so a group of friends and I decided to relax near the harbor. I have to say that might have been one of my favorite parts, because the weather was beautiful. Hope you are all well and see you next time! Lots of Love xoxo


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I can't wait to visit Barcelona someday :) x

  2. hey love your blog.... can we follow each other.....hope you visit my blog..