Thursday, 5 June 2014

Portugal Look Book - Day 4

Daytime Look

Dress - Mango
Necklace - A market in Sardinia 
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Sandals - New Look


Jacket - Zara
Wedged Heels - Jane Norman
Bag - New Yorker

I wore the same dress this evening but swapped my flat sandals for some wedges and my chunky necklace for my go to Tiffany charm. Football was on the menu tonight, The Netherlands versus Wales! I was with a group of Dutch friends, my boyfriend and I the only non-Dutchies there so it was not surprising that we watched the match at a restaurant we found owned by a Dutch family. We most defiantly were not the only Dutch their either! I however, sticking to my British roots hoped Wales would win, but that was a long shot and was almost definitely not going to happen. 

The restaurant was not prepared for a group of ten turning up for dinner! Startled and a little worried, the owner asked if it would be alright if out meals would not come at the same time since their kitchen was not too big. This was of course fine and throughout the night one by one our meals came. Nynke and I ordered a jug of sangria to share which tasted very summery! Unlucky for me, my stomach grew emptier and I grew hungrier and unfortunate my fish and chips came last. A vegetarians luck! I tucked in immediately and enjoyed my dinner. By this point The Netherlands were 2-0 up from Wales, which would ultimately be the final result. 

This video below is from my YouTube channel! Feel free to take a look!

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