Friday, 3 August 2012

2012 London Olympics • Woman's Road Race

Hello everyone! On the 29th of July, I was lucky enough to watch the "Woman's Road Race" on Box Hill! As I am sure you all know, the Olympics is being hosted in London this year, which I am ecstatic about. This is because London is my home and I come to visit very often. I went with my boyfriend and my dad so it was a very good day. To get up the hill we needed to climb a hill which really hurt. I must go out for a jog more often! Once we finally got there, a man told us where to go and what to do. There was field which had a big screen, lots of little food stalls and an Olympic shop. We watched the start of the race on the big screen because it started well away from where they were going to pass us, and sure enough the second the race started so did the rain. Typical British weather! We stood under the trees for ten minutes to see if the rain would stop, but unfortunately it didn't. We made are way to the spot where we could watch them go past. After waiting for a good hour hearing live commentary on what was happening in the race, they finally came! It was very exciting and very fast. They made two rounds of Box Hill so we were able to see them twice! Once they left Box Hill, everyone seeded to the big screen to watch the end of race, and what an end it was! Team GB got silver thanks to Elizabeth Armitstead! Marianne Vos from the Netherlands one gold, so congratulations too her! by this point the heavens had opened! It was bucketing it down and we were sitting in a field! As soon as it ended we made out way down the hill back home, but this time we walked down were we biked so we saw all different patterns on the floor. It was a very enjoyable day and feel very lucky to have gone

Are you watching the Olympics? Who are you supporting? 

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