Thursday, 7 February 2013

January Favourites

Pro-Prime by Nars
My first favourite of this month is the Pro Prime from Nars. I bought this when I was shopping in the summer at Selfridges even though I was not intending to buy any type of primer. I went in for foundation but also came out with this. The great part about this primer is that it is oil free, yet still moisturizes your face ready for foundation. I blend it in with my foundation brush and let the air get to it so it isn't too moist when I apply my foundation. I think it’s important your face has a healthy moisture to it during the day, so this product is perfect as it is keeping my face feeling fresh as well as keeping my foundation in place. 

Studio Sculpt Foundation by MAC
This next product is an old one that has made its way back into my life. When in New York last winter I bought my self a tube of the Studio Sculpt foundation by MAC because I had heard many good things about it. When it came to summer I stopped using it though, because it’s quite an oily foundation, so if your skin is already very moist it’s a bad idea. I moved on to the amazing Nars Sheer Matte Foundation, however my face started to feel quite dry when the months got colder so I gave this a go again just last month and it’s been great! I think it’s definitely a winter foundation because it’s got moisture which your face needs during dry and cold months.  

Mineralize Skinfinsh by MAC
The first MAC product that has been working with me this month is the (name of product). I received it as a Christmas present from my mum and I have not stopped using it since! When I apply the product I use a little at a time lightly and carefully because it is highly pigmented. It has an ever so slight natural shimmer look to it, which gives a healthy glow look to your face. There is a lot of product so I’m sure it’ll last me a long time! To apply it I use the product below!

Angle Brush 168 by MAC
With the MAC ------- my mum also gave me this MAC angle brush in the number 168. Before I didn’t have a good enough brush to contour my face, so this was a much appreciated Christmas gift! It works very well, and the quality of the brush is wonderful.  When applying powder to your face, hairs never fall out of the brush, which can be very annoying. I find a brush does effect the application of your make up and the results it gives, so a good quality brush is always great. The way it angles allows you too apply your powder easily, placing more powder in one area and less in another.

Stippling Brush by Real Techniques
The next brush that has made it to the hit list this month is the Stippling Brush by Real Techniques. Over the past few months I have been hearing positive reviews both by beauty YouTuber's and blogger's so I thought I would give it a go for myself. My previous foundation brush made my face look like a painting so I thought it was time to try something new. I bought it for £11 in boots December just gone, and I have not stopped using it ever since! I have to say it is one of the best beauty products I have ever bought. The mixture of long white and short black hair, it spreads your foundation evenly leaving a very blended and natural outcome. I recommend this brush to anyone who is not happy with the application of their make up!

Beauty Blender by Cosmopolitan
The last make up applier I have been loving this month is the Beauty Blender by Cosmopolitan. It’s a cheaper version of the real Beauty Blender which is about three times as much money, so I thought £6 was more than enough to spend! I use this to blend my concealer under my eyes and any red areas on my face. By dabbing lightly it blends unlike any other make up sponge, because it's a lot harder. After I've applied my foundation and still feel it isn't completely blended to my satisfaction, I use the fatter end of the Blender to sort it out. I have been using this since I bought it in the summer of 2012 and am still loving it!

Smokey Eye Palette by Benefit
The first eye beauty product that I have been using a lot this month is the Smokey Eye Palette by Benefit. I got this over a year ago and since then I have been using it, but not for the purpose it was made for! I don’t use it create smokey eyes but use the eye brow filler instead to fill my eyebrows. The creamy and pigmented texture works well because it defines my eyebrows as well as keeping them a shape a like. I haven't really used any other method to fill my eyebrows so if any off you have any good product I should try just comment below!

Eye Liner Pen by Catrice
This is my most recent product that I have purchased. I bought it just a week ago so it might be wrong to call it a favourite of a month but I thought it deserved a place. I have been looking for an eye liner for what feels like forever that creates a winged effect without smudging. My liquid eye liner from Body Shop has let me down as it takes mere hours before it decides to smudge away and all kohl pencils I use do the same. I saw this eye liner pen and tried it on my hand in the shop and loved the application. After a minute I rubbed it quite hard to see if it would smudge and it didn't! It cost me €4 (around £3.50) so I gave it ago and have been loving it ever since!

Matte Finish Nail Varnish by Rimmel London
My last favourite product of the month is the Matte Finish Nail Varnish by Rimmel London. A few months ago I tried a pot my friend bought and was blown away by the fact nail varnish could be matte, so when I came across it in Boots in December for £4 I couldn’t say no! It’s terrible as a top coat and chips within a day, so instead of giving up on it I first apply a top coat on the my colour nail varnish and then apply the Matte Finish. I am wearing a pastel purple colour with the Matte effect on as I type this blog post and it has stayed on for three days. The bottle days up to ten days, but I suspect it’ll come of within the next few days. 

Thank you for reading this blog post on this January’s favourites! I hope you enjoyed it and if you prefer to listen me than read, there is a video on my YouTube channel, monicaaliceeShow, so be sure to check it out! See you all soon xoxo



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