Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What I ate Wednesday #1

Breakfast 07.00
I was in a rush today so I went for an easy breakfast, of granola and soyamilk. The reason why I eat Dorset Cerieals is because their ingrediants are rich in fibre and food that gives you the energy you need in the morning. It keep me full for a good two hours if I'm busy and all the way until lunch if I'm having a lazy day! My favourite at the moment is the Honey Granola, the mix of honey and different nuts and seeds is abserlutely delicious! For a month now I have gone of dairy milk and swapped to soya milk because it contains less fat and nutritions like calcium and vitimins that are very healthy.

Snack 10.00
As a mid-morning snack I drank a little bottle of Kiwi, apple and Lime Innocent smoothie. I love these smoothies because they are healthy and tasty at the same time, and it contains two of my five a day. We usually don't buy the little bottles like these because they are very pricey as they are almost the same price as the large carton box! Some were on offer so we decided we could get some as they are easy to take to school.

Lunch 12.00
This is a typical lunch of mine to take to school because it's easy too make, tasty and quite healthy. I take two slices of brown bread, and if possible I go for a bagel or any whole grain product, and spread a generous amount of low fat cream cheese on. I go for low fat cream cheese because to me it taste exactly the same as the normal one and it contains less fat. For nutrition I put a layer of salmon. I love the taste of salmon and it contains healthy oils and fats your body needs. Usually I would add another layer of some salad leaves however we were out so I went without!

Snack 14.10
I've started to create my own flavour of yoghurt so I know exactly what i'm putting eating! At the moment for the yogurt I am using Bulgarian style yoghurt. In this particular yoghurt I made, I added a small handful of dried cranberries and some left over juice from a glass of forest fruits. This glass originally had lots of different forest berries, but the berries were finished and I didn't want to waste the fruity juice. Since I take it too school I put it in a little lunch box. 

Dinner 19.00
Hope alone I wanted to make something that was easy and yummy! You can never go wrong with pasta so I cooked some spaghetti. For topping I heated up some ready made cheese sauce and cooked some tofu. I find tofu quite tasty and it's a lot healthier than meat so I thought it was a good option.

This was my very first What I ate Wednesday and want to do them every week! I think it's interesting seeing what other bloggers are eating so I wanted to give it a go! Hope you enjoyed it xoxo

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