Saturday, 6 August 2011

First Time Drive

When you are underage but really want to have a go at driving a car, and not just up and down the holiday camp site once a year, book yourself a session at Rockingham. In the UK you need to be 17 to get your driver’s licence, and as I really enjoy driving and watch a lot of Formula 1, my dad booked a driving day, for the experience. In Rockingham, a lot is offered. People with driver’s licenses can book sessions in all different types of super cars, and drive them around the race track. This did look fun, but the only thing I was able to do, was the underage drivers block. I chose to drive a “Mini Cooper S” because for a long time I’ve wanted to have a go in one.
The instruction first had to run some information with me before he was allowed to let me lose. I suppose they need to do this to everyone, in case for whatever reason somebody was silly enough to purposely drive into something or someone cause an accident at 5 miles per hour. Oh the destruction that can be caused.
He went through a little bit of everything that would be taught in a proper drivers cause: reversing, going around cones, parking, and so on. I was keen to go a little faster than I was going, so the instructor was happy enough to let me. I learnt that it’s probably a good idea not to go over 20 miles per hour in second gear, unless you like banging you head pretty hard. However, I must say, reaching a whopping 55 miles per hour was somewhat of a thrill, even though it sounds a little pathetic.
Overall it was a pretty good day, and I think I did pretty well. ♥

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