Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Some Day Summery, Tuesday

♥  London Riots are getting out of hand.. the looting and the thuggery is outrageous. Coming from London, and in London right now, it's upsetting that people are able to destroy their beautiful city and it's heartbreaking to see people homes and workplaces be destoyed. Four days on, I'm hoping that it'll be over as soon as possible, which is looking a little posituve, because the police number has gone up. This might not work, but I do hope it will.
Got back from Brighton today, as I went to see Leoni who is a close friend of mine. We got up to alot in the two days I was down there. The first night, we went out for an Italian, with out mums, and after went to this posh hotel for some pudding. The next day, our day started of with some shopping, but then rumours that the riots where coming to Brighton centre, we headed home. We didn't let the riots get us down though, and still had a good time. It was lots of fun and am gutted that I had to leave, but am definitaly looking forward to next time.
Blogging is very new to me and I'm not to sure how to make it look good and promote it. I'm still working on what to do, and am thinking of setting up a facebook page which I will share everything on. This could maybe help it get going. Only time will tell.
The weather last week was really weird. In the morning it was usually really cold, cold enough to wear a jumper, then by midday the sun was shining and got rather hot. The heat didn't last, and then by late afternoon, it began to rain. It did puzzle me, but I suppose in England it's possible to have every season in one day.
♥  I've got my eye on this georgeous looking books for my birthday. Their covers have been designed by various artist, Eley Kishimoto and Lucienne Day are just two. The books are to celebrating some of the 20th centuary's best femail authors, so I'm intersted what they are like. I'm sure I will end up reading one of them.

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