Monday, 22 August 2011

Weird and wonderful

When I was on Holiday, I saw some amazing and weird things when I was staying at the cottage. The lady next door to us had this goat, who constantly was on the table. Yes that’s right, on a table. I wasn't too sure why. 
 One evening I was outside playing with my little brother and sister and was lucky enough to capture this beautiful sunset. The clouds looked like they were a painting and the colour were so unreal and so beautiful.The black trees in the distance really exaggeration the colours. 
 On the last day of the trip we were playing on some grass and I happened to be barefoot. As I ran, I JUST missed stepping on the gigantic slug! My little sister was brave enough to pick it up to compare its size for a photo. It wasn't just long, it was very fat. Izzy wanted to show the rest, so she ended up running to the house with a slug stuck to her hand. It was a very odd moment. 

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