Sunday, 19 August 2012

Art Course • Day 4

Hello everyone! I am so so sorry that I havn't blogged in over a week! I was meant to finsh the art blog series but when on holiday and didn't have my camera, with the pictures, and my computer, to edit it on! I am back in Holland now with free time to as much blogging as I want. 

My fourth day at the collage was my favorite of them all. The day began disuccing a little what we had done so far and where we wanted to take it next. Our supervisors gave us some things we should research, but not on the internet, in the library. They took us to the Central Saint Martins building were there was the biggest library concerning fashion, art, and desing I had ever seen. I never really though I would enjoy researching in the library but in fact it was very fun! The library has something the internet doesn't have. It could be that you are holding the information and finding the information is a little harder so when you found it  you feel rewarded. We were there for two and half hours but it felt more like one to me! I photocopied all the things I wanted to use, because we can't cut up library books, can we? After lunch in the nicest school criteria I have ever seen, we went outside to meet the rest of the course and go home. However, there was a fountain. A big fountain. A fountain that you could run in and out off. Three of my friends and I thought it was be fun so we took of our shoes and went in it. It was fun and we got wet but that was a good thing because it was very hot that day so a little cooling was needed! We went back to the main building and put our work together and then it was time to go home. I'll write up day five now so they'll be posted at the same time. Lots of love xoxo

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