Sunday, 19 August 2012

Art Course • Day 5

 Hey all! So this post is the final one for my art blog series. It was on five days, Monday to Friday, however I learnt a lot and hope to do it again. The last day was a very relaxed but at the same time quite stressful. We stayed in our room for the whole day and worked on our portfolio, which was was the relaxing part. The not so relaxing part was that we all tried to finish but just couldn't. In my case, I finished a lot and put things together that I though were good, but need just a few more days or even weeks to make it prefect and the way I wanted it. After I knew I was going to carry it on after the course had finished, I calmed down a little and worked at my speed having fun. Elisabetta and I listened to music while we were working to give us some inspiration. At one point I wanted to use water paint, so I grabbed two plastic cups full. I thought it would be a good idea to leave on on the floor next to me in case the other one got to dirty. No way. The next person to come to my table accidentally kicked it over, oops! It was carpet so no worries, it dried quite fast to my relief! Before I knew it, the day as almost over and it was time to show the rest of the course what we had done over the last week. I have the tendency not to want to show people my work, maybe because I am shy or just want to keep it too my self, but I am glad I did. I got lots of positive feedback which made me feel good. When it had ended we said our good buy which was sad because we all made quite good friend that week. Some friends and I went to Oxford street and went to the Topshop to have a look round. We got lost and it that place is it incredibly hard to find your way back. After half an hour we found ourselves and went and had dinner. As you can see there was a debate whether or not to get a coke float! It was a very fun week and hope to do something like it again soon! Lots of love xoxo P.S. If you missed out course day four, Click Here to read!

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  1. This sounds pretty awesome and is honestly making me school-sick for a return back to college soon. :)