Thursday, 9 August 2012

Art Course • Day 3

London! What a city! I have never really acknowledged what a wonderful and huge place it is. It's not just huge in size and population, but also in culture, history and inspiration. For our third day we were taken a quiet root around some very beautiful and non-touristic places. I know I come from London and have seen a lot of it, but being there quite often you forget to really look around and see what there is too see. We walked through a really old yet quiet and clean part which was full of offices. The plan was to go to a museum. The museum we went too was full of really odd in many ways. It looked like a usual old Georgian houses you find, but when we went inside, all the rooms were filled of very old and interesting things. The first room we went in was full of old books shelves, with old books, old chairs and old tables. I really like the different fonts of letters on all the books because they looked really Harry Potterish and reminded me of the library in Hogwarts. The next room was a complete culture change. Lots of Greek statues were on the floor and wall. I sort of jumped when I walked in because on my right was was a huge man statue. Upstairs was different again, full of architecture about the 1948 Olympic stadium. I came across another book case and it wasn't the books that I liked but that I could see my reflection on the glass case but also the books. I sketched out what I could see. Before we left I went to the gift shop and picked up some postcards that really inspired me, because of the pastel colours.  We went headed back to our usual class room and sat down to discuss what we had so far and where we were planning to go with it all. I looked at my work and saw that I keep bring up the same colours and the reflection in the windows and mirrors, so this was definitely going to be a part. After, I went on the computer and went on tumblr to do my daily check up on things and thought I should check out my archive because a lot of pictures that I've posted or reblogged really went well with what I was thinking about doing. This was such a good idea and found lots of pictures I could use. That's all for now, see you tomorrow! 

How has your summer been?

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