Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Art Course • Day 2

Hello everyone! Day two. What a busy day! Homework was to bring in an item of anything that we though inspired us. I decided to bring my tie dye studded denim jacket, because I am in love with it and when I look at it and can think of many ideas I can use. Fore more research and inspiration, we went to the Barbican to see a Bauhaus exhibition. We looked around for about two hours sketching little things we found and liked. Around the outside of the building I took a few pictures because the area had such a unique feel to it. On the way out I didn't feel that inspired to I tried really hard to find things that did inspire me, but knew it would just come naturally. When it was time to go home I went to the train station and waited on the platform for my train to come. I looked at one train moving and I thought the reflection I made on the windows and the contrast of people sitting there, so I'm thinking of bringing that into it. Speak tomorrow!

How has your holiday been? Have you done anything arty?

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