Saturday, 16 March 2013

Most Worn Shoes • Autumn & Winter

Creepers by Undergound:
The frist pair of shoes that I wore a lot during last Autumn and Winter, were my very trusty Creepers! When I got these shoes in Spring last year, I wore them a lot during Spring, Summer and Autumn. When it came to winter however it got a little too cold to wear them because the ankles are very low and would create a breeze that would give me the chills! I remember when I first wore them, they felt very heavy and new to walk in because they feel very different to normal trainers. I never wear normal socks or jeans when I wear them, because I don't think it works, so I usually wear other types of trousers, skirts, or leggings, with frilly short socks. 

Wedged Creepers by Undergound:
As Creepers have been brought up, another pair of shoes that made their way on to my top list of shoes, where my Wedged Creepers by Underground. I love my flat Creepers enormously, so when they were reduced from £110 to £40 in the Christmas sales, I took the chance! They weren't very practical when it snowed or was slippery, because they are heels, but when the weather was alright, I would try and wear these! The main reason I wore these a lot are because they are the most comfy heels that my feet have ever had to walk in! The rubbery sole and thick surrounding of the shoe keep your feet very comfortable, just like the flat Creepers. They are very unusual looking, so when it comes to styling them I usually make them a big piece in the outfit. I usually go for plane black tights, with a nice skirt or dress. 

Chelsea Boots by Topshop:
When I needed shoes for a smart occasion, I went for this pair of Chelsea Boots from Topshop. I received these as a birthday present from my uncles in October after trying them on in the shop. I thought they looked very sophisticated and they felt very comfortable to walk in, and I figured they would work well for school. I wore them a lot during Autumn, however when the weather started getting very bad, I stopped wearing them because the snow would ruin the material. My favourite part of them is that they remind me a little of horse riding boots, which makes it easy to style them into a casual outfit as well as formal. 

Ankle High Ugg Boots by Ugg:
These Uggs have been in my life for well over two years now and they have never let me down. Whenever I need an easy pair of shoes to put on and are nice are warm, I go for these. Since I have worn them countless times the fur on the inside of the shoe has started to shed a bit, and the soles at the back have worn away ever so slightly. They are also quite dirty because it's hard to keep a white pair of shoes super clean, however I still love them! I find they work well with most outfits whether it was a pair of jeans and a blouse, or a pair of tights and a skirt, because they are plain looking. 

Knee High Ugg Boots (Limited Edition) by Ugg:
These Knee High Ugg Boots are a hand me down from my lovely mum!  She bought them for herself at least five years ago, and recently she had an enough of them and thought it would be nice if I would take them on. The magical thing with Ugg Boots, is no matter how old they are, they never seem to loose their warmth and comfort. Whenever there was a very cold day during the last few months, these were amazing because they would keep your whole bottom part of your legs very warm, so therefore the whole body. When it comes down to styling these boots, I usually wore them with an outfit that consisted of comfy clothes, like jumpers and cardigans, because the shoes looks warm and happy. 

 Dr. Martens by Airwair:
Beautiful. Amazing. I love these shoes. My mum and I hit the Christmas Sales December just gone which was when I laid my eyes on these. I had had my eye on some Dr. Martens for a while, but never had the chance to try them on. At first they were very hard and rough, and were slightly painful around the ankles. The first time I wore them out I got a blister, however over time they have slowly become a lot more flexible and easier to walk in. They are very warm and great shoes for when the weather is bad, because they prevent you from slipping on the ice, keep your feet warm, and jazz up your outfit! These are defiantly one of the best shoes to style with an outfit, because I find my self usually dressing around the shoes instead of the clothes. 

 Timberland Boots by Timberland:
Last but definitely not least, I introduce to you my Timberlands. I got these at the beginning of Winter in 2011, and ever since then they have been very worthy to me. Just like the Docs, these boots are amazing for when the weather is bad. They're workman boots, so they are built to be warm and are waterproof. When the ground is icy, they stop you from slipping, so during out Winter which had many days when the floor was slippery, I would wear these shoes. They are also a big style item, because styling the Timberlands is very fun and can really bring an outfit together!

Below is a video of the shoes with me talking about them, which was very fun to film so be sure to take a look! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the video, and it would be lovely if you could give  thumbs up and follow as it lets me know people like what I'm doing! I hope you all have a wonderful day! xoxo

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