Friday, 15 March 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #3

Breakfast 07.20:
On Wednesday's for breakfast I ate a bowl of Dorset Cereal. I'm trying almond milk for a change, instead of Soya milk. I usually have soya milk whenever I have cereal or porridge so this was a change. It didn't taste to different to very low fat dairy milk which isn't very nice by itself, but when mixed with porridge or cereal I don't taste the difference! I added blueberries on top for some extra fruity goodness!

Snack 10.00:
For my first snack of the day I packed myself some green grapes and blueberries. I mixed a generous amount of each because I need a fair bit of fruit to feel fuller. 

Lunch 12.05:
For lunch I had some packed sushi! I love sushi and it fills me so this is a great lunch. My mum brought it for me as a treat so that was very nice! In this packet there were four salmon sushi's and four tuna suhsi. 

Snack 15.10:
For my snack later I treated myself to a yummy berry cupcake from our local bakery. I love the cupcakes they make because the top is very much like apple crumble they way it's crispy, and in the middle is soft. The jam they use is very delicious so I enjoyed that! 

Dinner 19.45:
For dinner I had three slices of four mozzarella and tomato pizza, with extra Cheddar cheese! On the side we had some salad with croutons, little slices of parmesan cheese, and honey mustard dressing. Together it tasted very yummy! We added some cheddar cheese on the top of the pizza because in places it looked like there wasn't enough cheese so we were cheeky and added some more! 

This What I Ate Wednesday was a little late because I've been very busy with school and didn't have time to edit the picture and write up my blog! It's better a little late than never though, so I hope you enjoyed it! xoxo

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