Thursday, 7 March 2013

What I ate Wednesday #2

Breakfast 09.30
For breakfast this week I've been trying to get in one portion of fruit. Fruit as energy that you need in the morning it ticks of one healthy thing of the day! Today's breakfast was some bulgarian yoghurt, with 1 whole banana chopped up into little pieces. The yoghurt by itself is quite flavourless, so on top I sprinkled some cinnamon and drizzled some honey to add flavour. The mix of banana, honey and cinnamon is very delicious! This lasted me until lunch time, before I got hungry.

 Lunch 13.00
By the middle of the day I get very hungry, but seeing as I was in an exam at lunch time I had to wait a little longer. Also, by midday I crave something sweet so I usually have something healthy and a little treat. At the moment I've been loving bagels so it isn't a surprise that that's what I ate. I had one whole bagel sliced in half, one half had low fat cream cheese with sliced avocado, one quarter with a little butter and jam, and the last quarter with a little butter and chocolate sprinkles. Bagels are very filling so this keep me going for a long time. 

Dinner 19.00
For dinner we had pasta planned but realised we didn't have pasta sauce so we improvised! We boiled some fresh tagliatelle pasta, and added it to a wok. In the wok we cooked tofu, fresh cut up tomatoes and tikka masala curry sauce! Strangely it worked very well, it was just a little odd eating pasta which would usually be rice! On the side we had some salad leaves. 

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