Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #5

Breakfast: 09.10
So for this Wednesday breakfast I went for something quite light. I've been ill and haven't had the biggest appetite. Instead of my usual cereal or porridge I went for this yoghourt protein drink packed with vitamins and goodness. Cranberry's are very good when you're ill so I picked the one with the most cranberries! It's very filling and I drank it slowly throughout the morning to even out the intake. 

Lunch 12.05: 
Back to bagels! I had time on my hands to make my lunch today so I deiceded to make sometihng very yummy! I melted some red leister cheese on one half of a bagel until it was yummy and runny! On the other half I put a layer of tuna and sweetcorn and created a delicious cheese and tuna bagel!

 Snack 14.30:
So for a snack I ate a hand full of grapes, 6 large strawberries all cut up and five almonds. Again I ate these over a period of an hour I say. My mum and I went to a lovely shop where they cell dried fruits and buts and we picked up some yummy fresh walnuts which are a lot better than the ones you buy in the supermarket!

 Snack 17.45:
Tea! I am in love with Arizona ice tea at the moment I just can't get enough of this drink and ! When I get the chance I warm it up in the microwave so it's just normal tea. my favourite flavour is Original Green Tea with Honey! I had another few glasses today but features the one I heated up!

Dinner 19.30:
Sushi! It looks like I am always eating sushi, but I'm not! Again they were on a special discount so my mum picked one up! This week I had it for dinner though because I still didn't have a huge appetite! The shush was a sleection of salmon, tune and red peppers.

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