Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What I Ate Wednesday #4

Breakfast 08.30:
Again, dorset cereal! We have anew flavour in the house this week "Super High Fibre Muesli"! This is my favourite so far. It has quite a few nuts and seeds which I am a fan of, coconut, and different dried fruits! The other cereal also have dried fruit but I find them a little too sweet, but these are perfect. I was a little cheeky and had a little extra because it was so yummy! All of the almond milk was finished so I had normal milk for today. 
Lunch 12.05:
Sushi! Coincidentally I have Sushi again on a Wednesday! Usually my lunches consist of bagels or another type of bread so I am very lucky to have Sushi twice in a row! This week I had a different selection which was very yummy. Cucumber, tuna, crab and egg. I finished it very quickly because it tasted very good! 

Drink 13.00:
During class I was sipping on this drink for two hours. It actually a breakfast drink and full of fibre, but I didn't realise this until I had finished it! It's very yoghurt more than a juicy drink and it tasted very much of raspberries and not so much of strawberries but it was very tasty.
Snack 14.20:
Strawberries is it. For a snack I had six chopped up strawberries that I prepared in the morning. Nothing too interesting but since they are in the shops again I am happy! They were eaten very fast because it is actually quite hard for me not to eat strawberries slow! Oh well, they are very healthy so that's fine!

Snack 16.00:
For another snack I had another portion of fruit, this time a banana. I don't like banana's so much when they are yellow, I prefer them when they are still a little green so today i was very happy! 

Dinner 19.00:
Curry curry! I love a good curry and today we had something different because it was a little more spicy than usually which I liked. For meat we had chicken and for rice we had white rice. Popadoms on the side is a must when we have curry! I don't usually eat with a knife and fork because I prefer eating it straight of a popadom, traditional and delicious! 

So that's another What I Ate Wednesday which I hope you enjoyed! Come back next wednesday for another! xoxo

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